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From Shipping Plans for Dangerous Goods to Safe Management and Special Services

Today's distribution needs include small lots, more shipments, internationalization, and multi-modal thinking. Chikko has a wide array of capabilities in port shipment and storage to meet our customers' demands. We offer total solutions as a specialist to all problems in dangerous goods distribution.


Warehouse Storage

Chikko advances the warehouse facilities for all storage needs.
(Dangerous Goods warehouse, Constant temperature warehouse, Ordinary material warehouse, Storage of poisonous materials, Storage of tank containers)

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Multi Work Station

We have established a Multi-functional facility with a comprehensive facility that can be performed in one place including heating, refill, filling, segmenting and sampling.

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International Transportation

We offer dangerous goods consolidation services as CFS Yard. We also provide NVOCC services to Asian countries.

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Your guide to containers

A guide of various containers recommended by Chikko, the expert in dangerous goods.

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