Message from the President

There is no progress without change. We want to be a company that is always advancing.

As a company specializing in dangerous goods

 My grandfather founded the company in 1924, an era for industrial lubricants that relied on imports. It was the start of Chikko to handle a transportation method, which was not as developed like the present day, and the one surplus in the industry. After Japan's period of high economic growth, petrochemical products had turned into a source of energy to support a number of industries, and our company has stepped in as a specialist for dangerous goods logistics in response to the changes of our generation.
 We currently have offices in Japan's six major ports (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Moji), and deal with a variety of operations related to transportation, storage, import, and export all over Japan. It has been growing to establish a port distribution network.

 In recent years, with the strengthening of the compliance of business partners, the number of cases that have been classified as dangerous products has increased, and the demand for dangerous goods logistics and dangerous goods warehouses, which are mainly petrochemical products, are expanding even more. To meet the increasing needs of our customers, we are also working to expand our dangerous goods warehouse and promote our collaboration with other companies to revitalize the industry. In addition, we aim to provide facilities for dangerous goods materials that respond to a variety of customers' needs by providing both storage and equipment in order to carry out their work. As for our overseas expansions, we established the local subsidiary "Chikko Shanghai Corporation" in China and established the local subsidiary "Chikko Vietnam Co., Ltd." in Vietnam. We are currently working to implement the international logistics network.

Nisaburo Setoguchi President and CEO

A desire for the future as the president of Chikko.

 When I was 27 years old, I took over Chikko from my grandfather and became the president of the company. While handling the company's business, I joined some outside activities and learned many things as a manager and as a person. At that time, I came across to the saying: "there is no progress without change" as a slogan of myself and the company, and the image that I had so far became clear. With the company's "Human Resources," Chikko will expand further as an open company assessing what should be valued and advancing the company's business. As Chikko changes, we believe that we will continue to be a company that is required by our customers and society.

 We believe that it is our duty to act as a comprehensive partner in logistics that specializes in the handling of dangerous goods, in addition to the provision of value-added logistics services never seen before.