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Think about the future of dangerous goods distribution

Chikko has one of the best records and experience in Japan in handling petrochemical products and other dangerous goods.

Chikko Corporation specializes in customs procedures for export/import cargo, warehouse storage, shipping, and other objects handling business.
And for import/export cargo, we are especially versed in handling petrochemical products and other dangerous/chemical objects.
Dangerous/chemical objects includes everything from nearly universal resources that form the base of plastics and synthetic fibers to paints, glues, fertilizer, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, electronics, semi-conductors, biological materials, and other fine chemicals that are used in cutting-edge technologies. We handle well over 5,000 different items.
We have the specialized knowledge, versatile know-how, and experience necessary to safely, reliably, and quickly handle the export/import, warehouse storage, and shipping of these kinds of dangerous/chemical objects. Using technology cultivated over long years of experience we are contributing to myriad companies as their best partner in dangerous goods distribution.


Message from the President

Message from the President & CEO Nisaburo Setoguchi to everyone.

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Company Outline / History

We introduce company outline of Chikko Corporation and the history from 1924 foundation.

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NETWORK(Offices and Warehouses)

Chikko has established ten offices, customs clearance offices, and branch offices that encompass all six of Japan’s major ports.

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